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Jeremiah Boucher is one of the largest self-storage owners in the U.S., as well as one of the fastest growing. He started with just one property and just kept buying more. Since he started from scratch he can show you not only what to buy, but what to avoid, and how to quickly tell the winning deal from the loser before you put your money at risk. There’s no substitute for experience and Jeremiah brings that to the table in a big way, which is evident throughout the Boot Camp.


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The Self-Storage Investors Boot Camp


The #1 goal of the Self-Storage Investor’s Boot Camp is to make sure you learn the correct way to identify, evaluate, negotiate, perform due diligence on, renegotiate, finance, turn around and operate self-storage facilities.

We teach you the skills that are required to maximize profitability and success. If we’ve done our job, there should be nothing holding you back from making offers and buying self-storage facilities immediately following the Boot Camp.

You will leave this self-storage investing class with 99% more knowledge than most of all the other buyers and operators out there, and that will give you the edge you need to succeed. In addition, we give you continual support in the form of bi-monthly Q&A sessions as your knowledge and experience unfolds from taking action in this real estate sector.

Because our post Self-Storage Boot Camp Coaching is free, unlike most other real estate events, the focus is on information and facts. That’s why we have a range of attendees that include new investors, appraisers, bankers, stock analysts, and even current property owners who want ideas to improve their bottom line.

Jeremiah Boucher


Jeremiah Boucher is a seasoned value investor and the founder of Patriot Holdings LLC, a private equity and real estate management and development company. With over 20 years of experience in the acquisition and development of alternative commercial real estate assets, Jeremiah has become a prominent figure in the industry. His journey to success began with humble beginnings, growing up in Las Vegas and working for his father's paving company in New Hampshire, where he learned the real estate business from the ground up.


At the young age of 20, Jeremiah took a leap of faith and quit college to dive into the real estate industry as a real estate agent and single-family residential investor. With his determination and hard work, he eventually pivoted into manufactured housing parks and helped build one of the largest manufactured housing funds in the country. Today, Jeremiah leads Patriot Holdings, delivering consistent returns to investors and managing over $320 million in assets under management, with over 15,000 units of self-storage and 70+ self-storage facilities. With his wealth of experience and expertise, Jeremiah is a true testament to the American Dream.

The Self-Storage Boot Camp

The Self-Storage Boot Camp: A comprehensive guide for investors.

  • Learn the end-to-end process of investing in self-storage from experts with over 20 years of experience and over $320 million in assets under management, delivering consistent returns of over 25%.
  • Discover the best markets to invest in and how to evaluate a self-storage facility for its potential. We own over 15,000 units of self-storage and 70+ facilities, making us a top 50 national owner and top 10 in the northeast.
  • Learn about the key factors to consider when buying a self-storage asset, including due diligence, financing options, and potential pitfalls to avoid.
  • Discover how to buy or build and then operate a successful self-storage facility, and assemble a real estate team to maximize returns.
  • Gain valuable insights into the self-storage market and make informed decisions to reap the rewards of this lucrative asset class.

By taking this course, you'll have the knowledge and skills to confidently invest in self-storage and take advantage of our 20 years of expertise and proven track record in this lucrative asset class.

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What is included in the Self-Storage Boot Camp?

  • Instruction from Jeremiah Boucher, Patriot Holdings: Top 50 Owner
  • Why Commercial Real Estate is a great long-term investment
  • Self-Storage insights
  • Choosing a great market to buy in - Self-Storage Location
  • Deals To Avoid
  • Great Self-Storage Deals
  • How To Find Self-Storage Deals
  • Off-Market Deals: How To Source The Best Deals
  • How To Value A Self-Storage Facility
  • How Much Should You Pay For Your Self-Storage Facility?
  • Understanding Demographics! 
  • How To Build A New Self-Storage Facility From The Ground Up
  • Financing Your Deal
  • Making Offers To Sellers 
  • The Ultimate Due-Diligence Checklist & Process
  • Site Visits - What To Check When You Visit Your Project
  • Expansion Potential
  • Closing On Your First Self-Storage Investment
  • Operations - How To Run Your Facility Day to Day
  • Marketing Your Self-Storage Facility
  • Value-Add: How To Massively Increase The Value Of Your Investment
  • When Should You Sell?
  • Building An Real Estate A-Team
  • Scaling Your Real Estate Business
  • Syndications: How To Raise Capital From Investors
  • Case Studies: We Walk You Through Real Deals & Properties
  • Advanced Tips: On Buying & Operating Your Facility
  • & More Great Advice!

The Self-Storage Boot Camp Course Contents:

  1. Overview of Self-storage Investing: A comprehensive overview of the self-storage market, including the key factors and opportunities to consider.
  2. Identifying the Best Markets to Invest In: Learn how to identify the best markets to invest in, taking into account market conditions, demographics, and demand.
  3. Evaluating a Self-storage Facility: Discover the key factors to consider when evaluating a self-storage facility, including location, size, condition, and competition.
  4. Buying a Self-storage Asset: Learn about the key steps involved in buying a self-storage asset, including due diligence, financing options, and potential pitfalls to avoid.
  5. Building a Real Estate Team: Discover how to assemble a real estate team to help manage and operate your self-storage facility, maximizing returns.
  6. Operating Your Self-storage Facility: Learn about the key considerations for operating a self-storage facility, including managing occupancy, rent collection, and maintenance.
  7. Financing Your Self-storage Investment: Discover the various financing options available for self-storage investments, including traditional loans, crowdfunding, and alternative financing.

By taking this course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the self-storage market and the skills to confidently invest in this lucrative asset class.

Due Diligence Mastery

Due diligence in self-storage investment ensures informed decision making, reduces risks, identifies potential issues, maximizes returns, protects assets, and ensures compliance with regulations.

Real-Life Storage Case Studies

Our course features practical, real-life self-storage case studies and hands-on site visits to provide an immersive, interactive learning experience and enhance understanding of the self-storage investment process.

Over 80 in-depth videos

The course offers easy-to-follow videos covering every aspect of self-storage investing and operations, providing a detailed understanding of the industry and helping mane your investments successful.

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Self-Storage is one of the hottest sectors of real estate right now...


Due to the endless instability in the U.S. economy which requires people to store their stuff as they move around, as well as to often downsize and find a place to put their favorite things which no longer fit. And there’s no shortage of things to store as Americans are the most materialistic group in the world with the highest incomes to pay for them. One of the unique attributes of self-storage is that it always does well in both boom and bust times. During booms, people buy more stuff and during busts they protect those things while they downsize or move about.

The current financial market has hammered home the necessity to invest in contrarian industries that flourish in instability. For 2022 the Dow fell around 10%, the S&P 500 by around 20% and the Nasdaq by around 30%. And if you add on inflation, those traditional investment channels lost an additional 10% on top of that. There’s virtually no way to make your investments grow and outpace inflation using the old-fashioned methods of stocks and bonds. And self-storage investing is one of the best of these alternative investment options.

The Self-Storage Boot Camp is a model of efficiency. You attend at your home or office and there’s no travel time or cost involved. You can refer back to any section at any time and, as a result, learn at your own pace. And it has been designed to be fast-paced and not boring – with a mixture of powerpoint and videos in the field to illustrate each important point. There is no aspect of the business that will not be addressed and in a manner that you will immediately understand and be able to use. There is, literally, no way to learn the self-storage industry in a better manner than this Boot Camp.

Adam Smith

I highly recommend this self-storage investment course to anyone looking to enter this lucrative market. The experts at Patriot Holdings have years of experience and their step-by-step approach made it easy for me to understand the process. I now feel confident in my self-storage investments thanks to this course.

Morgan Blake

I was looking for a way to diversify my portfolio and the self-storage investment course offered by Patriot Holdings was the perfect solution. The hands-on site visits and real-life case studies were incredibly helpful and gave me a practical understanding of the industry. I am already seeing returns on my investments thanks to what I learned in this course.

Simon Hughes

As a beginner in the self-storage industry, I was looking for a comprehensive course to get me started. The course exceeded my expectations. The experts were knowledgeable and approachable, and the videos made it easy to follow along. I now feel confident in my ability to invest in self-storage and I am grateful for the education I received.

Self-Storage Boot Camp

Over 10 hours and 70 videos on investing in Self-Storage

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Do you want to invest in a lucrative and growing asset class with consistent returns? Look no further than self-storage investing!

Our comprehensive self-storage investment course teaches the end-to-end process with expert guidance. With 20 years experience and consistent returns, the course provides valuable insights and skills to confidently invest in this lucrative asset class. Key topics include market analysis, facility evaluation, financing, and operations.

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Our Self Storage Boot Camp is not like anything you have ever listened to or read before. We do not fill it with a bunch of fluff on how your are going to make a million bucks with no money down. We tell you the whole story... the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly.

Our Goal is Simple: we show you how to invest wisely in self-storage facilities and more importantly tell you what to avoid so you don't risk your entire investment!